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Enter a world of images - moments captured in time.

Some may look familiar, but remember, once taken, a photographic image locks a moment of time that is never repeated.

I hope you enjoy viewing the selection on my web site.

Art photographer. Born in England, Andrew Haines has travelled and lived in many countries, including Denmark. He is an outstanding photographer, consistent, and focussed in his interpretation. Hvide Sande in Denmark was a natural choice to live for an artist who seeks inspiration in the large skies and clear light that is present in the area. With a focus on colour, he has had success with exhibitions in Norway, England and Denmark.

Kunstfotograf. Født England, Andrew Haines har rejst og boede i flere lande, bland andet i Danmark lige syd for Hvide Sande. Han er en fremragende fotograf, konsekvent, målsøgende i sine fortolkninger. Hvide Sande var en naturlig valg for at sted at bo, for en kunster som søge inspiration i det store, klare himmel som hersker i området. Med fokus på farve han har haft succes med udstillinger i England, Norge og Danmark.


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Self portrait Barcelona, 2008

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